Abidjan international airport Félix Houphouët-Boigny
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
EK 788 15:20 DUBAI T1 Take off at 15:45
ET 512 15:40 NEW-YORK (NEWARK) T1 Take off at 15:56
HF 034 16:30 SAN PEDRO TD
HF 029 11:30 BOUAKE TD
HF 526 12:50 COTONOU T1
QC 403 17:40 DOUALA T1
AF 521 18:55 PARIS (CDG) T1
SN 256 18:55 BRUXELLES T1
HF 534 19:05 ABUJA T1
2J 520 19:10 OUAGADOUGOU T1
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
EK 787 13:50 DUBAI T1 Landed at 13:49
KP 014 14:35 LOME T1 Landed at 14:36
ET 512 14:50 ADDIS ABEBA T1 Landed at 14:20
HF 029 15:30 BOUAKE TD Landed at 15:32
AF 520 16:40 PARIS (CDG) T1 Expected at 17:10
QC 403 17:00 DAKAR( BLAISE DIAGNE) T1 Delayed at 17:44
SN 255 17:40 BRUXELLES T1 Approaching
HF 711 17:50 BAMAKO T1
HF 527 17:50 COTONOU T1

Banks & foreign exchange office

Post office

For international money transfer, La Poste proposes its services in addition to the traditional one (stamps, PO Box…)


Banks offices

For any financial transactions at the airport or currency exchange, you can go to BACI (Banque Atlantique Côte d’Ivoire)



Currency exchange

Banking transactions and currency exchange can be performed in the public hall, Koumalo and Côte d’Ivoire Change.




ATMs are available for cash withdrawals at ECOBANK in the public hall and in the departure hall and also at BNI available only in the public hall.

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