Abidjan international airport Félix Houphouët-Boigny
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
HF 034 16:00 SAN PEDRO TD Take off at 16:43
SN 299 16:45 COTONOU T1 Take off at 16:33
QR 1424 17:20 DOHA T1 Take off at 17:18
2J 518 18:15 OUAGADOUGOU T1 Boarding
AF 705 00:50 PARIS (CDG) T1
HF 530 19:00 LAGOS T1 Check-in
HF 520 19:25 COTONOU T1 Check-in
HF 802 19:30 DOUALA T1 Check-in
HF 510 19:45 LOME T1 Check-in
HF 500 19:50 ACCRA T1 Check-in
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
2J 517 17:30 OUAGADOUGOU T1 Landed at 17:31
HF 741 17:50 NIAMEY T1 Landed at 17:23
HF 711 17:50 BAMAKO T1 Landed at 17:38
HF 731 17:55 OUAGADOUGOU T1 Landed at 17:43
HF 701 18:10 DAKAR( BLAISE DIAGNE) T1 Expected at 18:31
HF 721 18:20 CONAKRY T1 Landed at 18:08
AF 702 18:45 PARIS (CDG) T1 Expected at 18:40
HF 035 18:45 SAN PEDRO TD
HC 303 18:55 DAKAR( BLAISE DIAGNE) T1 Expected at 19:05
SN 300 20:50 COTONOU T1

Setting up a business at the airport

Setting up a business at the airport is an opportunity to benefit from a strategic location at the heart of West Africa and a market of more than one million passengers every year.
The property available consist both of bare land and sales areas. Their transfer to licensees is subject to the signing of an agreement of type AOT (Temporary occupation permit)
We remain at your disposal for your commercial projects and for renting a shop within the airport.

For further information, please contact the Land department of the General Management of AERIA.
Tel: +225 21 75 79 24 / +225 21 75 79 20
Email: koutouan.stephane@aeria-ci.com

Advertising display at the airport

For any question or request for advertising display within the airport, please refer directly to the advertising department in charge of the advertising space of Félix Houphouët – Boigny international airport:

Global Outdoor Systems
Tel: +225 21 34 05 38
E-mail: goscom.ci@afnet.net


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