Abidjan international airport Félix Houphouët-Boigny
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
ET 8926 10:30 ADDIS ABEBA T1 Take off at 13:43
SN 1044 07:50 BRUXELLES T1
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
ET 8506 07:00 ADDIS ABEBA T1 Landed at 07:50
HF 9001 16:00 YAOUNDE NSIMALEN T1 Landed at 16:27

Reduced mobility people

Abidjan International airport is accessible to people with reduced mobility. The airport is equipped with elevators and escalators that allow disabled people to move easily.

For customized assistance, the desired assistance should be specified to the airline before departure.

For more information, please contact Meet & Assist at +225 46 01 79 18.