Abidjan international airport Félix Houphouët-Boigny
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
HF 730 13:25 OUAGADOUGOU T1 Take off at 13:40
QR 1424 14:40 DOHA T1 Take off at 15:17
ET 935 14:50 CONAKRY T1 Take off at 15:31
EK 788 15:30 DUBAI T1 Take off at 15:42
C9 778 15:35 COTONOU T1 Take off at 15:50
HF 034 17:00 SAN PEDRO T2 Take off at 17:15
2J 504 19:20 OUAGADOUGOU T1 Check-in
HC 304 20:05 DAKAR (BLAISE DIAGNE) T1 Check-in
HF 510 20:20 LOME T1 Check-in
HF 8020 20:30 DOUALA T1 Check-in
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
HF 707 11:45 DAKAR (BLAISE DIAGNE) T1 Landed at 11:26
ET 935 13:50 ADDIS ABEBA T1 Landed at 14:05
EK 787 14:00 DUBAI T1 Landed at 13:36
C9 777 14:45 COTONOU T1 Landed at 14:41
KP 010 15:40 LOME T1 Landed at 15:39
HF 029 16:05 BOUAKE T2 Landed at 15:47
HF 731 17:35 OUAGADOUGOU T1 Landed at 17:44
2J 504 18:35 OUAGADOUGOU T1 Expected at 18:28
HF 711 18:40 BAMAKO T1 Landed at 18:18
HC 303 19:05 DAKAR (BLAISE DIAGNE) T1 Expected at 19:50


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BOUAKÉ Côte d’Ivoire

Located in the heart of the Baoulé territory, in the centre of Côte d’Ivoire, Bouaké is a melting pot of cultures. Bouaké is the second major city of the country. It is a trade hub located between the Savannah and the Baoulé forest. For the connoisseurs of African Art, specifically the Ivorian Art, the reputation of the Baoulé masks is well established and the most famous of them, the Goly will rock your soul during his outings. Bouaké will offer you the best of Côte d’Ivoire and during your wanders you will surely run into the dyers of Dar Es Salam and don’t hesitate to venture into the district of N’Gattakro where you will discover the woodcarvers.
Source: http://www.cotedivoiretourisme.ci


côte d’ivoire ABIDJAN