Abidjan international airport Félix Houphouët-Boigny
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
HF 824 20:40 LIBREVILLE T1 Check-in
ET 935 01:15 CONAKRY T1
HF 720 11:55 CONAKRY T1
HF 720 12:20 CONAKRY T1
HF 034 16:15 SAN PEDRO TD
HF 810 21:30 N'DJAMENA T1 Check-in
TU 397 22:40 TUNIS T1 Check-in
SN 300 23:10 BRUXELLES T1 Check-in
AF 703 23:15 PARIS (CDG) T1 Check-in
TK 559 23:20 ISTANBUL (ATATURK) T1 Check-in
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
HF 035 18:45 SAN PEDRO TD Landed at 18:26
SA 056 18:50 JOHANNESBOURG T1 Landed at 18:38
AF 702 19:55 PARIS (CDG) T1 Landed at 19:51
AT 535 20:45 CASABLANCA T1 Landed at 20:20
ET 935 00:15 ADDIS ABEBA T1
TU 397 21:40 TUNIS T1 Expected at 22:12
SS 884 21:55 PARIS (ORLY) T1
SN 300 22:00 COTONOU T1
AH 5318 23:50 ALGER T1


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ALGIERS the White

Capital of Algeria, Algiers is a maze of narrow street and alleys; the stairs, numerous and varied (wide, narrow, high) are very convenient to travel around this architecture in cascades. There are a lot of interesting things to see and to do in Algiers, you learn a lot about the history of Algiers by visiting the various museums spread across the city. In addition to the museums, Algiers has a set of landmarks and historical buildings which are the legacy of a long history such as the Casbah, the Basilica Notre-Dame d’Afrique, the Ketchaoua mosque and many other landmarks.

23:00 07:10           26/03/2017 -28/10/2017 AH 5311 Air Algérie