Abidjan international airport Félix Houphouët-Boigny
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
ET 8506 09:00 WASHINGTON (DULLES) T1 Take off at 11:01
HF 9000 10:00 YAOUNDE NSIMALEN T1 Take off at 10:08
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
ET 8506 07:00 ADDIS ABEBA T1 Landed at 07:50
HF 9001 16:00 YAOUNDE NSIMALEN T1 Landed at 16:27


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BEIRUT, the Paris of the Middle East

Beirut is the capital of Lebanon and the largest city of the country. Its beautiful Greek Orthodox St. George Cathedral with beautiful frescoes, the numerous museums including the national museum, one of the most famous museums which jealously protects the rich Lebanese heritage; but also discover the youngest of the museums, the MIM, private museum of minerals, opened to the public since October 2013 offers 1600 minerals from more than 60 countries. The MIM collection is today considered to be one of the most important private collections in the world. This cultural wealth sets Beirut as a city worth a visit.

08:55 17:55           26/03/2017 -28/10/2017 ME 576 Middle East Airlines Air Liban
09:45 20:55           26/03/2017 -28/10/2017 ME 572 Middle East Airlines Air Liban