Abidjan international airport Félix Houphouët-Boigny
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
ET 8506 09:00 WASHINGTON (DULLES) T1 Take off at 11:01
HF 9000 10:00 YAOUNDE NSIMALEN T1 Take off at 10:08
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
ET 8506 07:00 ADDIS ABEBA T1 Landed at 07:50
HF 9001 16:00 YAOUNDE NSIMALEN T1 Landed at 16:27


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Brazzaville is the political and administrative capital of the Republic of Congo. Since it was founded in 1880, Brazzaville has accumulated an outstanding quantity of historic buildings with real architectural quality. Its historical remnants, its picturesque villages, its landscapes, its enchanting beaches, its ancestral and religious traditions, its national parks and hunting reserves are well worth a visit. Do not miss to visit Lesio Louna natural Reserve of gorillas Gorilla, the Charles de Gaulle House, the Cathedrale du Sacré-Coeur of Brazzaville, the Grand mosque, the markets of Poto-Poto and Bacongo.

10:30 16:30           26/03/2017 -28/10/2017 Q8 564 Trans Air Congo
19:30 00:20         26/03/2017 -28/10/2017 HF 834 Air Côte d’Ivoire
19:30 00:05         26/03/2017 -28/10/2017 HF 836 Air Côte d’Ivoire
19:30 22:50             26/03/2017 -28/10/2017 HF 830 Air Côte d’Ivoire