Abidjan international airport Félix Houphouët-Boigny
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
R2 3044 15:00 DAKAR (BLAISE DIAGNE) T1 Take off at 15:04
L6 213 15:40 NOUAKCHOTT T1 Take off at 15:53
KQ 520 16:55 DAKAR (BLAISE DIAGNE) T2 Take off at 16:51
HF 034 17:00 SAN PEDRO T2 Take off at 17:21
SN 256 18:45 BRUXELLES T1 Take off at 18:34
HC 304 20:05 DAKAR (BLAISE DIAGNE) T2 Take off at 20:09
HF 530 20:05 LAGOS T1 Take off at 20:13
HF 824 20:20 LIBREVILLE T1 Take off at 20:31
SS 985 23:55 PARIS (ORLY) T1 Check-in
KQ 521 23:59 NAIROBI T2
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
HF 029 16:05 KORHOGO T2 Landed at 15:33
KP 010 16:30 LOME T1 Landed at 15:28
SN 255 17:25 BRUXELLES T1 Landed at 16:48
HF 731 17:35 OUAGADOUGOU T1 Landed at 17:16
HF 441 17:40 KORHOGO T2 Landed at 17:28
AF 702 18:35 PARIS (CDG) T1 Landed at 18:42
KQ 521 23:10 DAKAR (BLAISE DIAGNE) T2 Expected at 23:06
P4 7770 23:20 LAGOS T1
AH 5318 23:50 ALGER T1 Expected at 00:00


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Belgium is located in Western Europe. It is one of the six members that founded the European Union and hosts in Brussels, its capital city, the main institutions (European Parliament, the European Union Council and the European Commission), as well as those of other international organizations such as NATO. Belgium covers a surface area of 30,528 km² with a population of over eleven million inhabitants.

Located midway between Romane and Germanic Europe, Belgium is a bilingual country: Dutch-speakers, members of the Flemish Community (which represents 57% of the population), and the French, members of the French Community (representing 43% of the Belgians).

Belgium has also other famous painters including Paul Delvaux, Félicien Rops Léon Spilliaert, Théo van Rysselberghe, Constant Permeke, Gustave van de Woestijne and Rik Wouters. The painters and friends of Vincent van Gogh, Eugene and Anna Boch are from Louvière in Hainaut province.

The Belgium has been the cradle of major artistic movements which influenced significantly European art in general.


A pan-European capital, which features provincial town aspects: a pleasant blend for anyone who lands in Brussels.

One may want to go to visit Grand Place and its Gothic town hall, an architectural complex classified by UNESCO: it is the hub of the bustling daily life of the historical centre of Brussels with shops, stores of all kinds and breweries all around, without forgetting the unique Manneken Pis which will surely appear smaller than what we imagined!

Brussels has the secret to be nice and cheerful, on the streets around Grand Place, in the many breweries downtown or in bars, where beer flows abundantly!

There are varieties of beers! You can’t miss two of them specifically, Kriek and Gueuze, beers made in Brussels.

Right in the North, the famous Atomium offers a breathtaking view of the city.

With the European institutions it hosts, Brussels attracts a lot of people and hotel rooms can easily be booked by business customers.


côte d’ivoire ABIDJAN