Abidjan international airport Félix Houphouët-Boigny
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
2J 508 18:45 OUAGADOUGOU T1 Take off at 19:40
AF 521 18:50 PARIS (CDG) T1 Take off at 19:09
SN 256 18:50 BRUXELLES T1 Take off at 19:28
HF 750 18:50 MONROVIA T1 Take off at 19:32
HF 712 18:50 BAMAKO T1 Take off at 20:04
HF 802 19:00 DOUALA T1 Take off at 19:56
AF 703 22:30 PARIS (CDG) T1 Boarding
TU 399 22:40 TUNIS T1 Check-in
TK 566 23:00 ISTANBUL (ATATURK) T1 Check-in
SS 985 23:55 PARIS (ORLY) T1 Check-in
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
HF 741 17:50 NIAMEY T1 Landed at 18:01
HF 721 17:55 CONAKRY T1 Landed at 18:07
2J 507 18:05 OUAGADOUGOU T1 Landed at 18:20
HF 701 18:20 DAKAR( BLAISE DIAGNE) T1 Landed at 18:16
HF 035 18:45 SAN PEDRO TD Landed at 18:43
SA 056 19:10 JOHANNESBOURG T1 Landed at 19:01
KQ 521 19:40 DAKAR( BLAISE DIAGNE) T1 Landed at 18:57
AF 702 20:00 PARIS (CDG) T1 Landed at 20:55
SS 984 21:30 PARIS (ORLY) T1 Landed at 21:43
AF 704 22:50 PARIS (CDG) T1 Delayed at 23:31


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DUBAÏ United Arab Emirates

Dubaï is the first city in the United Arab Emirates; genuine tourist gem, discover sections of history, literature and learn about the origins, traditions and culture in numerous museums and libraries. Visiting the Dubaï Museum is an incredible journey into the history of the Emirate through various artefacts, some of which date back to the third millennium before J.C. Attend exhibitions and learn about cultural practices, culture of date, fishing with pearl or the local lifestyle before the discovery of oil. Take time to organize a site visit of the many other museums in the city including the women Museum, the Museum of civilization or Pearl Museum. Moreover, there are beautiful seashores and the incredible design of Dubaï.

15:20 05:50 26/03/2017 -28/10/2017 EK 788 Emirates